75% OFF! Orchard Cherry Jam

$3.00 - $36.00 On Sale

Juicy like a freshly popped cherry in the hot summer sun

Come visit the farm and we'll show you the exact plants the berries came from, we'll introduce you to who picked the berries, and we'll share with you the pride we have with this jam being so locally made.

We have dreamt of having products made right here in the hometown for a very long time. That dream is what inspired Folk. To be able to launch this jam is a dream come true.

The freshest cherry jam you can get, made exactly how your grandmother would have using a recipe that highlights the flavors of the fresh picked berries.

Slowly made in small batches to ensure top quality

Ingredients: Cherries, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pectin

Farm raised and proudly made in Kentucky