The Farm Candle Collection


Inspired by life here on the two hundred year old farms these are beautiful quality and design. A perfect addition to your home, authentic farmhouse goods.

Aunt June: inspired by my Aunt June's kitchen...a place filled with pies, cakes, cookies, and everything homemade. The most wonderfully warm and cozy scent.

The Orchard: inspired by the century old orchard here on the farm, heirloom varieties of apples growing in the sun just as they have for a very long time. Crisp fresh apple notes.

Pumpkin Stand: inspired by my childhood spent growing and selling pumpkins. A love of autumn was born from the road side stand.

The Garden: we grow a large garden here and always have. This candle smells like dirt, tomato, and geranium. Summer in jar.

The Barn:

These vessels are designed for beauty and simplicity, designed with the smallest label possible, one that can be hidden as a clean and fresh candle settles into the beauty of a room.