The Walton Creek Candle

$48.00 - $480.00

The past two months have been pretty rough down here. The tornado came through the valley, stripping the land of its builds and many of its homes, but you've heard plenty about that by now. They say the light always comes after the darkness. Around here clean up is almost done and rebuilding has started. The promise of spring and rebirth really does give life and hope to us all.

This candle, my very favorite scent reminds me of life here. I was introduced to the specific scent years ago at a friends shop. She called it iced tea and it stuck with me. It truly does smell like sweet tea with fresh lemon. Our friends have added just a hint of Bergamot to this pure soy wax candle. A luxury hand poured candle comes to life. I love how the light flickers and bounces through the black of this jar.

To me the candle will forever represent life here at the farm, old trees casting shade on a humid summers jar. Antique quilts hanging from the line while butterflies dance in the zinnias behind the house. The garden is filled with life, the house is open, the community feels alive. As spring comes—life will return and that feels great.

We envisioned these candles living alongside your home with striking yet simple beauty. Designed to appear labeless the candle blends into the decor all while elevating the space with its high end appearance.

Long burn times and all natural ingredients, these are candles you can confidently enjoy in your home.