I have this belief that is really important to me these days.....only do things that you will be proud of. As I’ve gotten older it has become more and more important to me. For the past few years I have wanted to launch some sort of products that could be sold exclusively in small businesses and brick and mortar shops across the US. The idea was to have them promote and highlight the shops by promote the stores carrying them on our web, print, and social. When this dream first started I knew I didn’t want to launch it until it could be done perfectly and done with products that I was really really proud of. The execution had to be perfect. This past Christmas season the first two products came to life....a bourbon infused honey and a carrot cake jam. Today we offer those to stores all across the country. We are so thrilled to finally release these. 


The journey from idea to reality has included so many steps. The first was finding a production house that could handle all aspects of production and fulfillment. I knew that If I were involved I would end up with too much on my late. We found the perfect team in TN to handle everything. From there it was time to develop the products. I knew I wanted classic items that felt inline with my rural Kentucky roots. The bourbon honey was our first born. Kentucky bourbon meets smooth farm fresh Tennessee honey. The carrot cake jam was inspired by a state fair winning recipe. The recipes were developed, the products were tested in my home town. The labels and packaging were perfected. The time to release has arrived. We would be honored if you’d carry them in your store. Below are so additional details and selling points. 




2. The products will be exclusively available at small shops. This is part of our commitment to small business and brick and mortar. 

3. The products are made by hand in the USA

4. All shops will he promoted on our website, social, and email newsletters.

5. The product line up may grow over time, further allowing us to promote your business.